about milkteadani

Hellooo, I’m Dani (she/her), a Vietnamese/Chinese artist living in germany. I love to use the color blue because it soothes me a lot. My art is mostly centered around the moon and the stars because everything celestial always inspires me.
Ever since I was a kid I have really enjoyed painting and being creative. I have always loved collecting stationery and in the past it was always my dream to have my own stationery line and design my own products. When I finished school I started bullet journaling which sparked my creativity. That's how I started handlettering and then slowly slipped into painting with watercolors. In 2018 I started drawing my first digital illustrations on the iPad. Ever since, the iPad with procreate is one of my favorite tools to paint with, next to watercolor and gouache.

@milkteadani and @milkteadani.atelier on Instagram

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